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At Brown Web Services, we typically do not issue W-9s unless certain circumstances exist.

If you pay another individual or company for "service work" then you must get a W-9 from them and send them a Form 1099 at tax time. This usually applies to amounts over $600. For example, if you hire someone to perform a one-time service or a series of ongoing services and the total for the year will exceed $600 then you will need to get a W-9 from them. If you simply purchase goods or supplies from someone then no W-9 is necessary. For example, if you buy a web hosting plan (a product) for your company's website then no W-9 is needed. If you pay an individual or a design agency to build a website (service) for you then a W-9 is required.

Since our custom web design is under the $600 threshold, a W-9 may not be needed. Because we offer Hosting, Domains, and other options as a product, we believe a W-9 is not required or provided.

This is not meant to be taken as tax or legal advice, please consult with the respective professional regarding your specific situation.

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